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CabaRAVE is the brand new queer alt-cabaret brought to you by Margo Marshall and Ross Butler. A mix of 20s underground Cabaret and Berlin high octane energy 2020. With the most diverse line up in London, CabaRAVE burst onto the scene post lockdown 1  and as Weimar cabaret was bore from the depression post of WW1 we wanted to create a space that did the same for young queer artists post pandemic. A platform to bring truly groundbreaking and original work. 

With a bi-monthly show the core creative team, listed below, have gone from strength to strength developing now full theatre works concentrating on discussing gender, identity and representation. Destroying boundaries of conventional theatre to allow young queer artists elevated space to craft work that is truly groundbreaking and proving to be as commercially viable as any other tired overly funded theatre company. All with their own specialities and cross over talents the group has presented mixed bills of stand up comedy, live original music, dance, lipsync, boylesque, lighting design and rap.

Our next show 'CabaRAVE - All Fur No Knickers' will debut at RPM in Hackney Down from Dec 10th-12th - tickets released Wed 18th Nov.

Creative Director - Margo Marshall

Company Manager - Ross Butler

Venue & Set Curation  - Alex Clow

Performers & Creatives -

Prince Chiyo 

Asttina Mandella

Sue Gives A Fuck


Francesco Migliaccio

Nina Grodalh

Robyn Herfellow

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